Relationship Health Quiz

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This Relationship Health Quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. Rather, it is designed to give you a general feeling of how well your present long-term relationship is working and whether intervention with a professional relationship therapist would be helpful.

Regardless of the score you receive on this assessment, the decision to seek relationship therapy is a highly personal choice that must be weighed against a number of factors, and this quiz should in no way be construed as a recommendation for therapy or any other kind of intervention. All such decisions are subject to your own thoughts and the recommendations of your primary medical provider.

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Neil Moore

1) I know my partner will never leave me.
2) My partner understands me.
3) I feel appreciated.
4) My partner has shut me out.
5) I know I am right.
6) My partner is a taker.
7) I am allowed to think for myself.
8) I am honest with my partner.
9) We often do fun things together.
10) I feel picked on and put down.
11) I win my share of disputes.
12) We still have a lot of passion in our relationship.
13) My partner is open to suggestions.
14) My partner is my primary source of emotional support.
15) I am out of control.
16) My partner respects me.
17) My partner is jealous of me.
18) My partner cares if I am upset or sad.
19) My partner is harsh in his or her criticism.
20) My partner treats me with dignity and respect.
21) Sometimes I just want to hurt my partner.
22) I am suspicious of my partner.
23) I feel judged and rejected by my partner.
24) I chose my partner for the wrong reasons.
25) I am no longer proud of my body.
26) I envy my friends’ relationships.
27) My partner doesn't really listen to me.
28) We have become nothing more than roommates.
29) People have no idea what our relationship is really like.
30) My partner doesn’t like to share what’s on his or her mind.
31) It's not easy to share my feelings.
32) I am trapped with no escape.
33) My partner constantly compares me to others.
34) I feel hopeful about the future.
35) I am satisfied with my sex life.
36) We just seem to want different things.
37) My partner thinks I am boring in bed.
38) My partner treats me like a child.
39) My partner still finds me desirable.
40) I feel crowded by my partner.
41) My partner is there for me in hard times.
42) I trust my partner.
43) My partner is lucky to have me.
44) My partner would protect me if necessary.
45) I look forward to our time together.
46) We trust each other a great deal.
47) My partner wants to hear my stories.
48) I feel loved.
49) My partner treats me like an employee.
50) I imagine myself divorced.
51) My partner often says, "I love you."
52) My partner thinks I am fun to be with.
53) I fear my partner is bored.
54) Our relationship has gotten boring.
55) My partner is ashamed of me.
56) We enjoy going out on dates alone.
57) I never satisfy my partner.
58) Sometimes I feel rage.
59) My relationship is what I always dreamed of.
60) I feel needed by my partner.
61) My partner puts our relationship ahead of all others.
62) I would rather lie than deal with a problem.