Parenting Your Teen

Tired of battling your kids at every turn?

Obviously, you love your child, and you want what’s best for your him or her. But navigating the pre-teen and teen years can be daunting. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out when behavior is just about establishing independence or a more serious cry for help. You worry about some of the choices they might be making, and you’re not sure how to get your child to talk to you more. The last thing you want to do is chase them further away.

The pre-teen and teen years are challenging for any parent to navigate. Many teens and their parents benefit from having someone to talk to who is outside the family system and can help everyone in the relationship be heard. I can give you the parent guidance on what normal adolescent behavior looks like, and we can work together on strategies for parenting your teen as they struggle to develop their own personal identity.

I help families just like yours navigate the challenges of the critical teenage years. I’m passionate about helping parents like you develop a meaningful and connected relationship with your teen that still leaves room for the normal kind of adolescent desires for autonomy and independence. Don’t wait another day. I want to hear your story and be there to support both you and your teen during this time.

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