Infidelity Recovery

Finding Life After an Affair

No one goes into a relationship expecting their partner to cheat. An affair introduces a relationship crisis of enormous proportions, and it often demands a significant rethinking of your entire relationship.


If you have:

  • recently discovered your partner’s infidelity,
  • recently confessed to some kind of affair, yourself,
  • or, recently had your partner confess an affair to you

finding someone to help you navigate this challenge is a crucial step toward your own individual healing, and toward finding some way forward in your relationship. Don’t wait to reach out for help.


h2>How I work

I take a non-judgmental, practical approach to recovery, and my focus will be on helping you and your partner:

  • assess whether you are mutually committed to rebuilding your relationship,
  • walk through the steps of regaining trust and intimacy,
  • understand what the infidelity means for your relationship.

If your relationship has recently experienced a crisis of infidelity, call 713-470-9878 today to setup a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions