Learning Mindfulness

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Mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days. You can hardly read a newspaper or browse the bestseller lists without seeing some new title relating to this topic. In my estimation, that’s a very good thing.

I believe in the power of mindfulness to transform our lives for the better.


Today, there are a variety of self-help books geared toward teaching individuals to take advantage of mindfulness practices in every-day life. Check my bookshelf for a list of these titles and links to Amazon.com to buy them.

Although, self-help books can be useful, I believe there is no substitute for face-to-face group learning of the methods and practices. That’s where my mindfulness training courses come in.  I currently offer courses for adults, teens & “tweens”, and organizational groups (e.g., teams, offices, and entire businesses). 

Find out more about the courses I offer.