2 Things Every Couple Wants in a Relationship

In the first few sessions of couples therapy, a lot of the discussion is caught up in who said or did what, and there can be a lot of blaming and pointing fingers – especially with high-conflict couples. Both partners usually have a laundry list of complaints and hurts, and invariably they each want to ask, “Why did you do those things?”

2 things couples want


Is There a Gap in Your Marriage?

Marriage is a struggle. That probably sounds pretty pessimistic, but it’s actually the place where every newly married couple should start. Most couples, when they fall in love, imagine marriage as a way to bottle up and hang on to all the romantic, flighty ideals of love and infatuation that brought them together in the first place. But marriage is not a bottle, and there’s no good way to preserve those early feelings of giddiness and love that infuse the first days and weeks of a new romantic relationship. No. Marriage is a challenging, unpredictable, and sometimes frustrating journey of two people trying to understand one another and trying to fill in the gap of “enough” for one another. (more…)

enough gap

Your Relationship Isn’t As Much About You As You Think

We spend way too much time judging ourselves. There’s no getting around it. In fact, it’s one of the things our brain is best at. Our brain learns by identifying things as nouns, categorizing them with adjectives, and knowing what to do with them based on a set of relevant verbs. (more…)