This Moment

Close your eyes. Stop and think. What are you thinking about right now?

When I do this exercise, I nearly always find myself considering something that’s yet to occur, or reviewing things that have happend in the last 24 hours.

Problem is, I can’t do anything with my past or my future. Both are out of my control. The only part of my life I can do anything about is my present — right now.

I can choose what I think about, what I do, how I act, how I respond, where I go, and who I talk to. Those choices are always within my control, so long as I’m grounded in the present moment.

The only time I lose control of those things is when I start living in the future or the past, and allow future-thinking and past-thinking to dictate my choices and direction and life.

Your brain hates the present moment. It’s default is to take you into the future, or remind you of the past. Your job is to train your brain to stay with the moment. To deny it the gratification of regret for the past, or worry for the future. The more your brain stays here, in this moment, right now, the less capacity it has to torture you with regret or worry. But you’ve got to train it. Left to its own devices, it will always run backward into the unchangeable past, or forward into the unknowable future.

Put a leash on your brain. Connect it to “now.” Enjoy freedom from running or chasing. Embrace the present moment and the infinite possibilities it contains.

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