Two-Minute Breathing

This exercise can be done anywhere at any time, standing up or sitting down. All you have to do is focus on your breath for just two minutes. Pick a spot in your body where you want to notice the sensations of your breathing. Usually, the rise and fall of your belly is the easiest place to start.

Begin breathing in slowly, holding your breath for a count of six once you’ve inhaled. Then breathe out slowly, letting the breath flow effortlessly out of you.

Naturally your mind will wander to various thoughts. Your job is simply to notice these thoughts, and then return to the sensation of your breath.

See your breathing as a continuous exchange of energy with the world. You breath in, and it feeds your body. You breath out, and it feeds the world.

If you enjoy the experience, try extending it for another minute or two. It may sound crazy, but doing this basic exercise every day can make a measurable difference in how your mind relates to your brain’s fear centers and how you process and manage difficult emotions.

Good luck!

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